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This agency observes the construction of Environmental Responsibility for each territory among earth men and those of other surfaces we might someday inhabit. For elluminious Organizations, Planet and Environment is a Prosperity agreement that serve each of us, to include flock, foliage, ecosystems, land and sea ... all that is natural and proven longest. The Prosperity agreement Environment and of natural life, is also part of the ARK of which I believe, declaring enemy of flock enemy among our organization. That we are responsible to his flock making planets, the gardens as her of the stars they are of. Action is found by representative agreement among those Environmental "Agencies" among men of more than 190+ territories; Suggesting they are responsible among the nations and men, for ensuring the preservation of the environment to include natural conflicts for the defense of. The consideration is road for men to walk for millions of years more with a garden prosperity agreement (A Treaty of Archa, telling the men to stop harming the environment while they fight or live.) The use of private or organized militia to challenge environmentally damaging projects, like unfarmed timber companies, polluting corporations or industries, unfarmed fisheries, whaling, or others; This becomes a natural conflict model, increasing with opportunity and challenge with arms, as our population also increases; especially on the ocean and forested frontiers. Some frequency of encounter in developed nations involving an unrelenting litigative/political strategy has those parties activities liable for the cost of clean up and restoration. There is an other way, I personally believe to serve god, e, with personal service to the garden.

Like some defend defenseless children and people, we defend the flocks from a more capable enemy to their way of life and home, sometimes from themselves for pursuit of dangerous technology.

The perspective is of the national environmental agencies as part of a forum for agreement with international agencies as a piece of GAEA. As the population of men become greater or begin to stabilize after enabling natural competition among men, on earth, the observation of our environment becomes more important among us and the reasoning for some holistic perspective of the planet that can coordinate environmental protections, that has boots on the ground in many nations, working for God and Garden. Coordination and international forum are from position of observation for long term planning along a natural time line, where a energy container and other conditions proven already by god to be successful for planet, environment, and flock help determine responsible management. A support role has mobility to work and participate with national environmental agencies to help with funding, agreement, are argument at international forum, and other objectives that support long term planning and short or long term environmental cleanup, protection, or husbandry. This agency, from my perspective, was founded with an Archa agreement from France and other nations, gaining the signature of almost a hundred percent of nations concerning the Environment. My person did not participate directly with such well coordinated international effort, but I am contributing the observation of GAEA.

"The domestic and International Environmental Intelligence you need to lead."

Whether you need it or not.

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